Performance support app with business process guides


Structured, step-by-step guides for your own workflows and business processes that you can read in less than 5 minutes and immediately apply on-the-job.

Create step-by-step guides for your own workflow or add existing standard operating procedures of your organization

Onboard new employees and increase the productivity of your existing team by giving them easy-to-access digital ’cheat sheets’ for their work tasks

Help your team comply with quality assurance guidelines and follow business processes of your organization in an intuitive and engaging way


Your own standard operating procedures, checklists, training content, quality assurance manuals and employee handbooks delivered in an intuitive way 

Bite-sized content that is easy to understand and apply, helping you with attention management and avoiding information overload. 

Your team learns the few things just-in-time and directly in their workflow that helps them most with the task at hand

Rooted in learning science; built around the 70:20:10 framework and the 80/20 rule resulting in sustainable behavior change and increased ROI

Significant employee productivity improvement for a just € 4 monthly investment per employee

GDPR compliant data protection and ISO 27001 certified servers 


Microlearning app for business processes


Access your guides and manuals without an internet connection in remote areas

Create easy-to-access outlines of training materials that participants can review after classroom-based training sessions to achieve positive, sustainable behavior change

Customize 7Bits with your organization's logo

Provide individuals, teams and departments with a customized list of guides, relevant to their job role





As you prepare to complete a complex work task, open 7Bits to quickly find your company’s guides, checklists or procedure manuals related to your task

Flip through step-by-step instructions and review short, well-structured best practices as you complete the task


Enjoy the productivity boost of completing complex work tasks faster, with fewer mistakes, and without forgetting an important step

Micro learning app wirh work instructions for your workflows


license fee per user per month

one-off fee per learning content /

SOP integration

€ 79

€ 4

volume discounts available

*All prices exclude VAT.




Get in touch with us to discuss your objectives and content  requirements

Content Integartion

Our team will advise you on structuring your PDF / DOC based process guides and integrate them into 7Bits

Rollout & Use

After content integration and testing we will provide you with access codes for your users



Get in touch and let us help you make the most of your business process guides.

Get started and significantly improve employee productivity for a just € 4 monthly investment per employee! 

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